Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Racing Pigeon Qualities | Best Racing Pigeons

Racing Pigeon Qualities

Pigeons have been tamed and used for a variety of purposes for many years, including racing, which has become a popular sport all over the world. If you are new to the world of pigeons, you might be unsure of what to look for in a good quality racing pigeon. Just like any other competition animal, there are important physical traits that make a pigeon idea for racing, including:
  • Eyes. Although there is no particular eye color that has been proven to be better than others, good eyesight is vital to the success of a racing pigeon. The color should be clear and bright, and the outer eye should be clean overall. 
  • Throat. To ensure that the pigeon has a healthy wind pipe, check the top of the throat for a slit. This slit should be open at all times, indicating that the pigeon can breathe without any complications.
  • Neck. The base of the neck should be thick and have a gradual curve as it reaches the head. The ensures the pigeons windpipe is clear and capable of taking in larger amounts of air when racing.
  • Head. The head of the pigeon should be very round and in proportion with the rest of its body to give the pigeon proper balance. As a general rule of thumb, when you look at the top of the head, you should be able to see the blacks of both pupils. If you cannot see the pupils, the pigeons eyes may not be aligned, which can cause difficulty racing.
  • Wings. The wings of the pigeon should be in proportion to the rest of its body. If they appear to be too large or too small, the pigeon may experience difficulty flying. Their wings should be large enough to support their body weight, but should not be so large that the pigeon will overexert itself.
  • Feathers. The pigeon’s feathers should not feel dry or brittle. When you place the pigeon in your hand, it should feel a bit greasy and somewhat silky. These oily feathers are more waterproof compared to dry feathers, which makes them more flexible.
  • Muscles. When you place the pigeon in your hand and stroke the breastbone, you should be able to feel the muscles when the bird inhales and exhales.
  • Balance. A well-balanced pigeon should be able to sit flat on your hand, and not topple from side to side.
All of these qualities work together to allow a racing pigeon to succeed. Keep an eye out for these characteristics to help you choose a champion racing pigeon.


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